200,000 Gallons of Water Spew from Busted Water Main in CS

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There was man-made flood in College Station when a broken water main turned into a geyser at a busy intersection. Traffic had to be shut down at FM 2818 and many businesses nearby were without water.

“We found out about it this [Wednesday] morning around 5 o'clock,” said David Coleman, College Station Director of Water services.

An 18-inch water main that runs under the intersection of Longmire and Harvey Mitchell Parkway in College Station broke early Wednesday morning.

"Due to some corrosion issues we had a couple holes develop in the top of the pipe and at 90 pounds per square inch the water is coming out very rapidly,” Coleman said.

And speaking of rapidly -- dozens of workers got busy diverting traffic as heavy machinery moved in. Crews had to dig a hole about 15 feet deep to repair the line.

“We had to dig a fairly large hole because it's all wet and we had to bank it back so it wouldn't be collapsing on the workers,” said Coleman.

By about 2 in the afternoon, it's estimated about 200,000 gallons of water had leaked from the pipe. The city says residential customers were not affected, but several nearby businesses lost water service.

“Right now it's from the Post Office to Schlotzki's that are out of business,” said Coleman.

Mark Lindemulder runs the Sevcik's auto repair shop at the Shell gas station.

“Inside we do not have water. The biggest issues have been the restrooms but we are making alternate accommodations and the city offered to bring a port-o-potty if needed and is doing his best to accommodate us so -- minimal impact,” Mark Lindemulder said.

“Crews are here from public works and so as soon as we're done fixing it we'll start putting in stabilized sand to rebuild the road and get it back in service as quickly as we can,” said Coleman.

Water was restored around 4:30 and the city plans on the road passable for drivers later Wednesday night..