2007 Jefferson Award Winner Helps Pregnancy Outreach

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COLLEGE STATION - Kim Schams and her husband didn't let their difficulty with conceiving smash their dreams of parenthood. They adopted two boys who are now young adults.The Schams' struggle gave birth to Aggieland Pregnancy Outreach - an organization that has helped similar couples and young people dealing with unplanned pregnancies.

In 2007, Kim Schams was honored for that worked by President Bush and Governor Perry.

That same year, she also won a Jefferson Award, which is considered the "Nobel Prize for public service."

"Looking back at the Jefferson awards is a nice piece of fuel because you see you're not the only person that's sacrificing. And of course my staff and the volunteers are in here all doing and that's also a big source of inspiration and camaraderie that helps us keep going day after day," Schams said.

Schams was selected from the group of four award winners here in the Brazos Valley that year to go to Washington, DC. An experience she says her family will never forget.

"They got to see people from all over the country and hear their stories about what people are doing and that was inspiring," Schams said.

She says it also helped fuel her work in another way.

"The Jefferson Award did a lot to publicize the work that we do here," said Schams.

Work that is no small feat. But the result of which...is priceless.

"When we look back at all the people that we've served and where they are now and where their children are, that's amazing. That's the paycheck that you can't put in the bank. That's the paycheck that lasts for a long, long time," Schams said.