Black Friday

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Many of you may have already planned out a day of shopping for tomorrow. The day after Thanksgiving has also been known as the busiest shopping day of the year. But some studies suggest that it's really not.

The day after Thanksgiving jump starts the holiday shopping season. It's known as Black Friday. It's the time when big sales and discounts happen, but it's also a time of crowded parking lots and checkout lines.

Black Friday has long been thought of as the busiest shopping day of the year, but a study by Mastercard which analyzed customer transactions showed that December 23rd was the busiest.

" This year Christmas is on a Sunday. Mastercard's experience is that the busiest times to shop will be the Friday and Saturday before Christmas," said Rob Reeg with Mastercard.

But it really depends on what data you look at. According to the international council of shopping centers, the day after Thanksgiving has been the first or second busiest shopping day over the past few years.

" We typically find that the Saturday before Christmas is the busiest day," said Joan Ghani of Post Oak Mall.

Many people choose to shop early to find exactly what they're looking for and to get the best deals.

" The deals will start happening on Friday. The retailers will come in earlier with some special deals," said Ghani.

So who's most likely to wait until the last minute to buy gifts?

" What we find typically is men shopping on Christmas Eve doing last minute and sometimes out of towners will come in," said Ghani.

With the spirit of giving in full swing in the Brazos Valley, you may find whatever day you go shopping to be a busy one.