2015 Kyle Field Season Ticket Prices Released

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We are now getting a better idea of what it will cost for season tickets for the new and improved Kyle Field and many fans will be paying more.

The $450 million worth of improvements will be financed by fans, donors and students.

But some fans can get some good deals in the North Zone and the new South Zone.

Suite options sold out last month on the first day they were unveiled.

With capacity growing to 102,500 seats, many fans will be shelling out more cash for their season tickets.

Aggie Football Fans from current to former students and season ticket holders are helping finance the major makeover of Kyle Field with prices for season tickets for the 2015 season now out.

"But relative to peer institutions we'll definitely be priced right," said Skip Wagner, who is the President of the 12th Man Foundation.

"You've got to have a large sum of capital come in from the premium seat holders if you want to be able to keep the rest of the stadium affordable. From the very beginning we knew we wanted 31,000 students, we want, we knew wanted them in prime locations," Wagner said.

The cheapest season ticket seats can be found at the top of the north and south end zones.

That will set you back an annual donation of $25 per seat, plus a one time campaign gift of $25, plus the price of the tickets. But the prices for each season ticket seat won't be out until after the 2014 season.

50-yard-line seats on the west end down toward front will set you back a capital gift of $3,000 and an annual contribution of $2,500, plus the cost of the seats.

While you will pay a premium for many of the seats at the new Kyle Field, the 12th Man Foundation says that some of the seating prices will actually drop as they work to make costs more consistent.

Sterling Allen and his wife are Texas A&M fans and are waiting for season tickets again this year.

They pay $500 a seat now as his wife gets a faculty discount off contributions. The section they currently sit in could cost more than seven times as much if a discount doesn't continue.

"As long as there's excellence on the field and excellence in the stadium and all the attractions to it, it'll be worth it and we'll be glad to pay it. But if it comes short and the football team doesn't do as well as they've been doing, we may have to rethink our decision on having tickets," said Dr. Sterling Allen.

Students are also footing $75 million of the project through increases in student and sports pass fees.

Season ticket holders will also be able to reserve their seats for seven to 20 years.

But season ticket prices could jump in the coming years to meet future needs of the athletic department and university