Ags, Horns Flock to Fan Zone

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On a cool Friday morning after Thanksgiving, there were at least a few people who didn't mind the weather.

"Being close to the grill, cooking these Bevo burgers, staying warm in this cool weather," lamented Coleman Sessum, who was flipping patties at the Fuddruckers stand.

But sales weren't slow despite the feasts of Thursday. It's game day, after all. A big game day. And it's a big Fan Zone.

And if the rivalry weren't enough, the day was bigger still thanks to the pregame festivities. After all, it was the first A&M-UT game at Kyle since the inception of the Fan Zone.

"It's great having the individual vendors out here, with the great staple companies like Fuddruckers and the other companies out here, it really makes it nice to have that food and that atmosphere," said Clark Todd, up from Austin to root on the Longhorns. "With the live band and everything else, it just brings more fan excitement. It brings more people here to the same area, which always is more exciting."

But while the fans streamed through the zone, some trickled into the stadium, where they were met with towels. Lots of them. The biggest A&M giveaway ever.

"Every game we have the 12th Man towels so you can wave them in the air, support your team," said Vanessa Fellers, who handed out the towels. "Normally, they go for $1, but it's a really big game for Texas A&M, so we wanted 40,000 towels out there."

Of course, white did carry a different meaning for young UT fans making their first trek to Kyle.

"I get to see players dressed in white instead of just in orange like I always do," said young Mason Arnold from Austin.

True, burnt orange singed Joe Routt's Boulevard of Aggie dreams. But the maroon and white -- as always -- won out outside.