Electronics Sales Brighten Black Friday

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Thinking about getting a DVD for Christmas? A CD for Hanukkah? A camera for Kwanza?

You're not alone.

"The electronic industry has taken off recently," said shopper Josh Meier. "Even now, all my friends, they're really worried about all that X-Box game system that came out."

Unfortunately, for those that didn't make it out of Tuesday with the 360 system, X the box off the list until a few weeks from now. All that's available in stores are accessories.

But there is plenty of stuff still to pick up. In fact, the National Retail Federation's survey shows nearly two out of three people will pick up a disk of some sort: video game, DVD or CD. Another 30 percent will buy some sort of electronics.

"Versus what the past has been and what it currently is, it's grown tremendously," said Diane Marks iwth Mosaic Merchandisers.

Marks keeps track of the DVD trends for Mosaic Merchandisers, and says shows from the small screen are expected to be the big seller this season.

"They don't get to see all the complete seasons, so they go ahead and purchase the DVD and the complete seasons at their convenience," Marks said.

Of course, movie or TV show, DVDs will be going fast.

"Everyone has to have the special edition, director cut, all that stuff, deleted scenes," said Meier. "Now, they come out with those before they even come out with the regular stuff."

And for those who want to make their own pictures, digital cameras are also an anticipated hot seller.

"We've looked for a digital camera for a couple of years now," said Pearson. "They're easy to carry. It's easy to get the pictures to the grandparents in different towns."

But while those in the industry know sales should be big, they can't predict what's going to sell.

"We will get a variety of different types of products," said Marks, "and it doesn't matter, many times, how much advertising is put out by the companies. It's what the people prefer."

Of course, if you don't know what that special someone on your list wants, the easy route is becoming the path most taken.

Gift cards, anyone?