Family Reacts To Death After Loved One Killed By A Pack Of Dogs

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For 76-year old Lillian Loraine Stiles of Thorndale, Saturday began just like any other day.

"She loved to work in her yard," said Marilyn Stiles, daughter.

She spent the afternoon working in her yard, but authorities believe when her riding mower ran out of gas and she began to walk to her house a pack of six dogs attacked and killed her.

"Very tragic horrible situation here, very senseless death," said Charlie West, Milam County Sheriff.

"My father said he would not have known it was her if he hadn't seen her clothes that they had ripped off and the fact that it was in his yard because she wasn't recognizable they had mauled her so badly," said Stiles.

Weldon Smith and his wife were driving by and saw the attack. He stopped and attempted to help Stiles, but the pack then charged him. Although his injuries have already been treated there is a possibility he could have contracted rabies.

"Owners of the dogs could not produce any rabies vaccination certificates or papers so we have an issue with rabies," said West.

Stiles was pronounced dead at her home. The dogs have been described as pitbull-rottweiler crossbreeds and were later caught and taken to a vet in nearby Cameron.

Authorities have determined the dogs belonged to the Stile's neighbor Jose Hernandez. An investigation is underway, but at this point it is difficult to determine if criminal charges will be filed.

"The only laws that govern dogs in the rural areas are State laws so that's going to be a challenge," said West.

The family says that challenge has them ready to take action.

"There needs to be some sort of legislation that if you choose to have a dog like this rot pitbull breed, then you need to be accountable for their actions," said Stiles.

As the Stiles family grieves the loss of a wife, mother, grandmother and great grandmother at this point they are relying on each other for support.

"I'm comforted that I know where she is and that she's safe but it's still hard to take," said Jack Stiles, husband.