Online Holiday Sales Soar on Cyber Monday

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If you thought the Thanksgiving shopping rush was over, think again. The Monday after Thanksgiving is called Cyber Monday, the online retail world's version of Black Friday.

This year, 52 million people are expected to shop for Christmas gifts online on Cyber Monday. Some say it's because consumers are taking advantage of shopping online at work, where most companies have high speed Internet connections.

"It's men, it's women, it's all ages that are shopping online because of the convenience and the ability to find and comparison shop," said Cheryl Bridges, Texas A&M Center for Retailing Services.

The term Cyber Monday is new to many. Perhaps that's because the term was coined only a week ago by an online retail association. But at the rate online sales are increasing, it might not be long before the term is familiar to everyone.

"They're predicting anywhere from 20-40 percent increase over holiday sales last year. It's going to be a $110-$120 billion industry," said Bridges.

For many local residents not having to fight big crowds at retail stores is one reason to surf and shop.

"It's nice to avoid all the crowds at the mall so that's probably one of the major reasons why I do it, it's just easy and at my fingertips," said Christopher Adise, local online shopper.

"I work a lot of hours so it's a lot easier to do that than to fight the crowds," said Desiree Wooten, local online shopper.

But not everyone feels the same; one resident doesn't want her money leaving the Brazos Valley.

"You can't shop locally when you go online and I think it's important to support our local economy," said Jo Ann Zaeske, retail shopper.

Nevertheless today's holiday shoppers are wooed by online conveniences such as price-comparison tools and avoiding store lines. Because even on the busiest online shopping day, Cyber Monday, no one can trample over you in Cyber Space.