Chad Davis Trial Begins

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Tearful testimony today from a woman who prosecutors say saw a Brazos County man murdered. She was one of the first witnesses to take the stand in the Chad Davis capital murder trial. A trial that involves a multi-state drug-trafficking ring and several out of state suspects.

The state wasted no time in portraying Chad Davis as the ring leader in a murder for hire scheme which left rap producer, Tommy Andrade dead. The defense said it was not the intent of Davis to have Andrade killed, just to, "rough him {Andrade} up for double crossing him {Davis}."

Sheriff deputies took the stand to review their investigation. Then a friend of Andrade, Tara Diamond, who was visiting from Canada testified to what she saw the night of the murder.

Her testimony turned emotional when she was shown pictures of the crime scene. But under cross-examination, the defense tried to discredit Diamond by bringing up pending perjury charges against her in a Canadian murder case, as well as her past relationships with convicted drug dealers.

Testimony continues Wednesday morning.