Day 2 of Capital Murder Trial

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Drugs, money, revenge. That's what prosecutors say prompted Chad Davis to hire hitmen to kill a Brazos County resident. Wednesday, the state took jurors on a lengthy, cross-country evidentiary trail that ended with the murder of Tommy Andrade.

With such a lengthy investigation, a lot of people have been involved in gathering evidence and interviewing witnesses. Wednesday was the day several of them were called to tell their story.

Brazos County Sheriff Investigators talked about the trail of evidence which took them to Atlanta and Florida for interviews. This was an important part of the state's case in trying to explain the relationships between all the different party's involved in the incident.

The state also introduced autopsy photos from Andrade and Jesse Mancuso- an Atlanta man who was also shot and killed. Prosecutors followed up by calling Mancuso's mother and his roommate to the stand.
Both described Mancuso as someone who wouldn't have acted alone.

Under cross examination, the defense pointed out that the victim, Andrade, fired 10 shots, while the intruders only fired one.

Testimony continues tomorrow. The state is expected to rest its case on Monday.