A Local Man Shares His Story About Living With Aids

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Thursday, students at Texas A&M gave out information about World AIDS Day, which started in 1988 as a global response by the world health organization.

A special day, for folks like Dave Martin. Nineteen years ago Dave was diagnosed with HIV after his first sexual encounter.

"When he showed up at my door and I hadn't seen him in four months I knew there was something wrong his face was very gaunt he was extremely thin and he had been wasting away, and I was trying not to believe what my eyes were seeing," Martin says.

Dave was staring at Keith the man who gave him HIV, but for some reason Dave wasn't scared.

"When I saw Keith standing by my door looking the way he was in tears something inside me said wait and I didn't care about myself or what it did to me he was in need and so were others, I became very selfless suddenly."

For 19 years, Dave has continued to share his story.

Thursday he'll speak to students, telling them about what could happen and not to worry about what others think. That's something Martha Madison the director of Aids Services says is hard for many to do.

"People don't like to admit they're HIV positive and even people who work with them don't like to admit they work with people with HIV."

Dave has written articles for papers in Austin and even here for the Batalian after he was first diagnosed while he was a student at Texas A&M. Its one of the lines from one of his stories that keeps pulling Dave through.

"I realized something I had given up on life but life hadn't given up on me and it hasn't given up on you either and that's the important thing don't give on life."

And Dave says he won't give up, as long as there are people like these students helping out, showing the world the disease is here, and to be aware.