Day Three of Capital Murder Trial

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Prosecutors tried to unravel a tangled web in day three of the Chad Davis capital murder trial. Testimony from investigators continued as the state tried to connect Davis to the murder of Tommy Andrade.

Investigators who spent countless hours trying to piece together the events which led up to the death of rap producer and convicted drug dealer, Tommy Andrade took the stand on Thursday.

The state took the jury through the steps of the investigation which started out with a cell phone number found in the pocket of Jesse Mancuso who was found dead at Andrade's home. That number eventually led authorities to Chad Davis and his brother Trey Davis.

Chad Davis's ex-girlfriend also testified that Davis asked her to get him a cell phone under her name. Prosecutors also tried to establish a pattern of travel of the other suspects involved in the death of Andrade.

A Louisiana state trooper testified that he saw a tour bus traveling near Baton Rouge. Authorities say that was the bus Willie Davis, Chad and Trey's father, used to transport the suspects back to Atlanta after the incident.

Testimony continues Friday morning.