Conroe Nurse Facing A Third Degree Felony

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A home nurse in Conroe has bonded out of jail following her arrest for slapping a disabled child she was supposed to be caring for.

62-year old Kathy Giddens is charged with third degree felony for injury to a child.

About two months ago, she was hired to care for 5-year old Lauren Williams. Williams has cerebral palsy, a heart condition and other disabilities which leave her unable to walk or talk and breathes through a tube.

Williams mother called Conroe Police after allegedly witnessing Giddens slap and shake her child.

Authorities say the child did have a bruise on her shoulder when they arrived on the scene.

"She admits to striking the child. She says she tapped the child but it's all semantics at that point. Once she admits to it it's a felony offense and it's a felony three," said Sgt. Bob Berry, Conroe Police Department.

Giddens has since been fired from her job and could possibly have her nursing license revoked.