Road Closures for Texas Ave. Project

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Manuel Street and Redmond Street will be closed next week in
order for TxDOT's contractor to continue work for the Texas Ave.
Widening Project.

Manuel Street is located on the eastside of Texas Ave. in front of Outback Steak House. Manuel will be closed to install new concrete pavement. Redmond Street will be closed to perform work on the water line.

If everything goes according to plan, both roadways should be
open by Friday at 5pm, according to TXDOT. Motorists are asked to use alternate routes during these closures.

Also, other closures may occur during the week on the outside,
southbound lanes of Texas Ave., from Manuel to W. King Cole. These
closures will last only a few hours and are necessary for maintenance on the detour areas.

The $17 million dollar project should complete in the summer of 2008.