Differing Stories Surround Grand Jury's Meeting

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Brazos County's Justice of the Peace responds to allegations of helping a grand jury meet in secret.

Friday evening, Margaret Meece issued a statement in response to reports that she was involved in Thursday's now-infamous meeting of a grand jury.

The statement reads, in part, "The allegation is false. No member of the staff of my judicial office has delivered any documents to the sheriff's department in connection with grand jury proceeding."

Friday afternoon, News 3 obtained the subpoena issued by grand jury foreperson Amanda Short ordering another juror to appear Thursday morning at a room in the Galleria Building in Bryan. Building officials say the room was reserved by attorney Patrick Meece.

In our investigation, we also spoke with authorities at the division of the Sheriff's Office that delivers subpoenas. They say on Wednesday, Margaret Meece requested a deputy come to the office of her husband Patrick, which is also in the Galleria Building. Authorities say that deputy was given the subpoena by Margaret Meece and Amanda Short.

To further matters, it appears Short may have overstepped her legal bounds. According to the Code of Criminal Procedure, the foreperson can only issue a subpoena for a witness in a case they are investigating.

The grand jury had been extended by Judge Rick Davis, and the potential involvement of District Attorney Bill Turner's former election opponent has led many officials to speculate that grand jury was investigating Turner. Davis refused to recuse himself from the jury Thursday, and in his statement, specifically mentioned he would recuse himself if Turner was brought up on charges in his court.