TXDOT Prepares for Icy Roads

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With parts of the Brazos Valley under a winter weather watch, there's lots of preparation underway. The highway department is gearing up for the cold snap.

Rain and cold temperatures can make for some bad road conditions, so The Texas Department of Transportation has gone into planning mode. Crews have been busy loading up trucks with icing stone, which is crushed limestone, to make roads safe for travel.

" We started putting our box spreaders on where we could go over our over passes and bridges and spread rock out there to help the traveling public if icy conditions do occur," said Bob Colwell with TXDOT.

TXDOT Assistant Maintenance Supervisor, Ronnie Waller, will be working overnight Wednesday and keeping a close eye on the mercury. If it dips below freezing and roads are wet, he and his crew will roll out and drop icing stone on bridges and over-passes.

" We're going to be spotting the bridges and using that for skid resistance and traction to be able to get across the bridges," said Waller.

Law enforcement officials and TXDOT want to urge motorists to use extra caution when driving in adverse weather conditions.

" Make sure that their car is winterized, that they have antifreeze and everything in the car and be patient and slow down when they go across bridges and over passes," said Colwell.

" If you've got wet, slick roadways, you want to slow down about 5 to 10 miles per hour. Icy conditions you want to slow down even more, " said Waller.

For the latest highway conditions throughout the state call 1- 800- 454 - 9292.