Texas A&M and Blinn College's Nursing Programs

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Shae Stelzel has always known she wanted to be a nurse.

"I worked at several hospitals here in Bryan at St. Joes and then at a hospital in San Marcus and I just love the whole medical field," Stelzel said.

Four months ago Shae was selected as one of the 20 students for the Texas A&M Corpus Christi fast track nursing program held in Bryan.

"We knew it was going to be limited because it was a brand new program they're were not a lot of resources available so we knew it was going to be competitive."

For the first time ever students who have a bachelor degree can enroll in an 18 month nursing program hosted by the Texas A&M Health Science Center.

What Dr. Nancy Dickey says is a huge step.

"It was a huge accomplishment if you think Texas A&M has been here over 100 years, and the Health Science Center has been her 6 or seven years and this is the first time that this valley has had a bachelors level nursing program. We think it was a great accomplishment," Dickey said.

However, this isn't the only nursing program in town. Blinn College also has a nursing program, and even though they say two programs will place more nurses in the community they have run into a few problems.

"The biggest effect we're seeing now is I lost two faculty members to the A&M program which I hated to lose but we do understand people need to grow and learn," Theena Parrott said.

Parrot also foresees a scheduling issue when it comes to student internships. She worries that there could be too many students needing hands on experience than hospitals in the area.

But for students like Shea the new program is a good thing...before the program she was headed to Corpus..now she can stay here.

"To get accepted to this program and to move back to College Station I was very excited to come back to this community"

And the Health Science Center says this class won't be the only one. They plan to continue.