Tips for Freezing Weather

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With the exception of polar bears and penguins, cold weather and pets don't mix. Animals are subject to the same type off of discomforts humans experience when the mercury drops.

Experts offer these tips:
It's a good idea to move your pets indoors when the temperatures approach freezing. If that's not possible, at least provide shelter like a dog house or garage and make sure they have plenty of blankets or towels to keep them off the ground. Check under the hood of your car before you start up. There may be small animals seeking warm shelter there. And keep in mind that very old and very young dogs and cats are more susceptible to extreme temperatures.

"By the cold and wet weather we're getting right now, if it were to freeze tonight their fur can get ice on it, they can get sick and they can get too cold so it's best to bring them inside if you can," said Paul O'Neill with the Brazos Animal Shelter.

And some of your plants could take a hit from the cold. Experts suggest you water your landscape and container plants. Move what you can into the garage and cover your freeze susceptible plants with a cardboard box or blankets. Don't use plastic. You may want to add extra heat for plants. You can use a utility light or holiday decoration lights.

"If you do have a plant that actually gets harmed by the freeze it may burn it back just to the ground and the root system may be fine and it will come back come spring time," said Dr Dough Welsh a horticulture professor at Texas A&M University.