Winter Weather Causes Havoc on the Roads

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Icy conditions did not stop folks from hitting the roads on Thursday, but rescue workers wish they would have.

"There were lots of wrecks and lots of vehicles running off the roads," Senior Trooper Clay Taylor said.

For several hours law enforcement and rescue workers responded to problems on the streets.

Around 145 accidents have been reported across the Brazos Valley since Wednesday due to the icy weather.

Milam County reported the most road accidents with over 30.

"I can't tell you how many accidents we've worked in the past 12 hours so luckily everybody has been ok," Dan Gallagher with the Robertson County EMS said.

One of the lucky ones was Angela Akin. She was in town visiting friends and on her way back to Waco, when the icy roads caused her to skid off the road. She ended up hitting a fence, and when she went to drive forward, she got stuck.

"I just hydroplane and I was cruise, I was on cruise control and I just lost control," Akin said.

She says she doesn't remember much from the accident, and says It happened very fast. However, afterwards she had a lot on her mind.

"I was like what is my mother going to think? Also its finals and I was supposed to be taking a final today. All that stuff just drifted through my head."

Akin's accident could have been worse, and that's what rescue workers are trying to prevent.

"Nobody is really taking their time. Whenever you are going out just slow down, and you'll be alright."

A good to think about as the winter weather continues.