Teenage Boy Makes Up Friend's Murder

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An empty pasture in Brazos County was the scene of an extensive police search last week, all brought on by a teenage boy's made up story.

The 13-year-old told police his friend was hit by a car, then shot so he wouldn't suffer.

"He was very dramatic about it he was in tears a lot of the time and told a very believable story. Everyone, I mean everyone that had talked to him believed his story," Sheriff Chris Kirk said.

The teen first told his teacher during tutoring, and Navasota police soon became involved. The Brazos county sheriff's office took over the investigation and a Department of Public Safety helicopter did an aerial search looking for a body supposedly in the brush.

"Investigators were out combing the weeds, the Department of Public Safety's helicopter was out and we found nothing that supported his story including witnesses so we confronted him,"
Sheriff Kirk said.

That's when the teen finally broke down and confessed to making up the story. As for the reason, police say the teen was trying to impress a girl.

"I think its awful why would he want to do something like that, " Navasota resident Sam Cantella said.

"I guess he should get some kind of punishment maybe he should have to pay for the helicopter and all that," Navasota resident Gloria Elkins said.

And that could happen. Sheriff Kirk says his office is asking for reimbursement for the incident's expenses. The teen was released from the Juvenile Detention Center today.

The District Attorney's office tells News Three in situations like this juveniles usually get probation and pay restitution.