Defense Tries to Discredit State's Witness

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The defense tries to discredit the state's witnesses Monday in week two of the Chad Davis capital murder trial. Davis is accused of hiring three out of state men to settle a dispute between him and rap producer, Tommy Andrade, over drugs and money. Andrade along with another man, Jesse Mancuso, were killed on August 7 2003 at Andrade's mobile home in Brazos County.

Chad Davis is accused of masterminding the plot to have Andrade killed for taking $100,000 from him. But Davis's attorney's insisted that Davis never intended to have Andrade killed just "roughed up a little."

In week 2 of the trial jurors heard from several witnesses for the state. Attorneys for Chad Davis put one key witnesses' credibility into question.

Travis Crockett, a close friend of Chad's brother Trey Davis, testified that he heard the brothers planning an attack on Andrade the night of the murder. He told detectives he overheard the brothers say that if things escalated guns would be involved.

But under cross examination, Crockett admitted to being an alcoholic and said that he had been drinking heavily that night and it may have impaired his memory.

He also said that detectives threatened to charge him with conspiracy to committee murder and with-holding evidence. Earlier today alleged gunman, Brad Padrick's, ex-wife testified that he and another alleged gunman hired by Davis returned to Atlanta with gunshot wounds. She also testified that Padrick returned with a large sum of money. A nurse who cared for the men in Atlanta also testified.

Other witnesses who took the stand for the state on Monday were:

*Adam Goodman, an Atlanta man who had made a trip to Texas with Boris Mogilevich, another man suspected in the murder for hire plot. Goodman said the Davis brothers hinted that they wanted Andrade's home burglarized, but he wanted no part of it.

*The Bexar County medical examiner who performed the autopsy on Andrade and Mancuso.

*Two Hispanic men who used to work for the Davis family.

Testimony continues Tuesday morning and the state is close to wrapping up its case.