Twin City Mission Offers Shelter

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While many of us have coats to bundle up in and heat in our homes to keep us warm, there are some in the Brazos Valley who do not. Twin City Mission is doing what it can to help.

Freezing temperatures and blistering winds are making it unbearable to be outside. In many cars and homes the heat is going full blast.

But that's not the case for everyone. That's were the Twin City Mission steps in. It provides shelter, a bed, and a hot meal for those in need.

" What we want people to know is that there is a place in town that they can go to escape the elements," said Ron Crozier, Twin City Mission Director.

Twin City Mission is open and helps people every day of the year. But the weather often dictates how many people come for help.

" Twice a year we'll see a spike in the number of people who will come and check into the shelter when we get our first big cold front and when we get our first big heat spell," said Crozier.

Wednesday night over 60 people sought a warm place to rest at the mission’s shelter called "The Bridge" and that number is expected to grow throughout the winter.

" We'll probably continue to see our numbers go up and we're prepared with extra cots if we need them and we're not going to turn anyone away," said Steven Bethea.

The mission not only addresses the short term needs of its clients, but also the problems that many face everyday like homelessness and unemployment.

" They have issues that need to be dealt with and that doesn't stop just because it's cold or just because it's hot or just because it's the holidays," said Crozier.