Santa Arrived On A Harley

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Notice a couple hundred Harley bikers, and their furry friends riding around the Brazos Valley?

That's because today was the annual Harley toy run. For 17 holiday seasons, hundreds of leather-clad Harley riders, Santa included, have met in College Station for the event that provides needy families with things they need not only during the holiday season, but all year long.

"It's very important that we pitch together and try to make our community better," said Kris Kringle, event volunteer.

It's called the toy run, but as years have passed event organizers say the giving now involves a lot more than toys.

"Furniture, household goods, happy faces, hearts full of love and joy that's all you can ask for," said Faye Lane, event coordinator.

"We almost ought to change the name from the toy run, what we do is we do household items. We try to make sure they have decent beds and we try to provide furniture," said Alice Blue-McLendon, event coordinator.

In the true Harley Davidson spirit of giving, this year each child will receive their very own bike. But this bike, is a little more kid friendly.

"The community has come out whole heartedly and made such wonderful donations that we've got some fantastic bikes for the kids, large and small," said Lane.

The group spends close to six months getting ready for toy run. But when the day arrives, the smiling faces make everyone forget about all the hard work.

"The absolute best part is seeing their faces and to see the families. Having these gifts and furniture brought into their house, they're so thankful" said Lane.

"You really can't describe the happiness and joy on the faces when Santa and Mrs. Claus walk in," said Kringle.