Convicted Gunman Testifies in Davis Trial

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A convicted gunman from Georgia says the murder of rap-producer, Tommy Andrade was not pre-meditated. Brad Padrick testified for the state in the Chad Davis capital murder trial Tuesday.

Brad Padrick struck a deal with the DA's office in exchange for his testimony and is currently serving 20 years for his involvement in the death of Tommy Andrade.

Padrick says that he, Jesse Mancuso, and Boris Mogilevich were all hired by Davis to quote "rough up and rob Tommy Andrade." Padrick says he participated in the attack because he needed money.

Padrick testified that on August 7, 2003, he and the two armed men kicked down Andrade's door, demanding drugs and money, intending to kidnap him and bring him to Davis. He says it was Andrade who first began shooting, killing Mancuso and injuring he and Mogilevich. Padrick says Mogilevich, who is still at large, killed Andrade.

Testimony continues Wednesday and the state is expected to wrap up its case. No word yet if Chad Davis will take the stand in his own defense.