Argent Court Residents Evacuated

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Woodie Ferguson was one of the 46 people evacuated from Argent Court in Brenham Sunday morning after someone smelled smoke.

"I didn't give it much thought of it going up in blazes," Ferguson said.

"All I saw was the Superdome in New Orleans and we were stuck in there. Everybody has identified with that, but we had a touch of it ourselves, we really did."

Before fire crews arrived, residents were ushered out of the building, then to the Church of Christ next door.

"Everything went fine," Brenham Fire Chief Rickey Boeker said. "We didn't have any problems. There was a church across the street that was holding service, and they came over to help to get these folks out of the cold."

It's during the evacuation, fire crews found where the smoke was coming from.

Smoldering material between the ceiling and the roof was causing the blaze. It took crews about an hour to put out the small blaze, but because of damage, residents were not able to move back in.

Leaving Woody and other residents confused.

"Nobody was telling us anything, " Ferguson said. "I didn't know if things were true or false."

Argent Court says they are giving residents information as soon as it becomes available.

In the meantime, Woody and other Argent Court residents were moved to other Brenham facilities or released to their families.

Woody is now staying at the Gazebo Terrace Convalescent Center without many of her belongings, and it could be days to weeks before she moves back into her home.