44 Agencies Look to One Food Drive

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Beyond the humble exterior of a Navasota building lies a less-than-humble mission. You just have to get in the front door first. The front of the Christian Community Services is in the path of the door. When it's busy, one needs to take care.

"This is just mild compared to how its going to get next week and the week before Christmas," said Patricia Hataway, who runs the pantry. "I think it's going to be a whole lot busier like it was for Thanksgiving."

Hataway and an array of volunteers work the pantry, one of the 44 not-for-profit organizations that benefits from the Brazos Food Bank. Once a month, each of Navasota's neediest can come get what they can from those who give all they can.

"The overall amount of food that we get comes mostly from the food bank, and we're very grateful for them," said Hataway. "If you didn't have the Food Drive, you wouldn't have the food up there for us to get, and it's critical for us to have that here."

For Hataway, it's a mission very close to her heart.

"I've been there. We've been on food stamps," she said. "We've come up out of that now. I think everyone can, but we have some people that will stay on a poverty level most of their lives due to being elderly and low income or handicapped."

And the holiday season means food is needed on these and other shelves now more than ever.

"I love helping people," said Mary Johnson, a volunteer at the pantry, "and it's just a joy to do so."

"I think that they're grateful once they realize no one is looking down on them," said Hataway of the people who come to her place, "and that we try to treat everyone with respect, and that they're people."

You might call these agencies "people places." You just have to get in the front door, and the rest is taken care of once you're in.

The donations at KBTX's Food for Families Food Drive locations in Navasota and Madisonville will be made available to the local pantries.

For Grimes County, there are three pantries served by the Brazos Food Bank. Madison County has one of the 44 affiliates.