Traffic in College Station Causing Headaches

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During rush hour and after church services on Sunday, the frontage roads in College Station from Rock Prairie to Greens Prairie have looked more like parking lots than access roads.

"It was a mess for a while," said Jerry House, pastor, Christ United Methodist Church.

House says after church services on Sunday, traffic from Rock Prairie was the worst he's ever seen and his members are already complaining.

"I've gotten some phone calls this morning. We've got a coffee group that meets here Monday morning and that was the topic of conversation," said House.

Construction is the reason traffic is backed up. The Texas Department of Transportation (TXDOT) is making adjustments, including changing the frontage roads to one-way from Rock Prairie to Greens Prairie. A change TXDOT says is for safety.

"We've had a lot of accidents on South (HWY) 6 on the frontage road. A lot of it's due to having a two way frontage road in an urban area," said Bryan Wood, TXDOT.

But the construction project, and traffic back-up, involves more than one way access. TXDOT is also constructing new u-turn lanes and a new exit ramp at Greens Prairie. Which means until construction is complete the frontage road will only be one lane.

"We have to close that inside lane to be able to get a smooth transition from the new ramp to the frontage road," said Wood.

Traffic is light sometimes but when it's at it's heaviest, traffic can be backed up for nearly a mile. But TXDOT says the traffic jams shouldn't last much longer because they're expediting construction of the u-turn lanes which should help the problem.

"We actually out there paving that today hoping to have that open this week," said Wood.

But House says that won't fix the congestion caused by only having one lane open. Until both lanes are back open he will have to take matters into his own hands, all on the church's dime.

"I think we're going to have to end up having to hire somebody for a month to control traffic there," said House.