Brazos Food Bank History

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The Brazos Food Bank is celebrating it's 20th birthday this year. Many things have changed and lots of progress has been made and much is in store for the future.

The Brazos Food Banks was founded on one simple concept 20 years ago.

" A group of concerned citizens in the Brazos Valley realized that there were some people in the community that were having trouble making ends meet and making sure that they had food for their families every meal," said Theresa Mangapora, executive director for the food bank.

So those concerned residents started seeking non- perishable food items from the community to distribute to those in need. At first the food was stored in a small building but now a huge warehouse is used.

The board of directors for the food bank says many new goals have been set for the next 10 years.

" We might need an expansion of the warehouse and some more refrigerated and freezer spaces to accommodate the new types of foods that we're having," said Amy Clough, president of the food bank's board of directors.

" One of the things we would really like to do is find out what the hunger needs are in all the counties that we serve and do a comparison with how much we actually distribute in those counties and see if we're actually meeting the needs," said Mangapora.

The food bank relies heavily on the community to make donations to keep the shelves of the food bank and the stomachs of those in need full.

" The community is just fantastic. Every year the Food for families food drive is so exciting to see the number of people that really pour out so many donations to those people in need," said Clough.