Some Tulane Students From Katrina Want to Stay at A&M

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Spring semester registration at A&M has begun. Many of those registering are from the Big Easy. Some students that were admitted to A&M from Tulane after Katrina have decided to stay put.

"We have 38 students who are already registered, but since our registration is not complete we're not sure what that number will be ultimately," said Alice Reinarz, Interim Assistant Provost for Enrollment, Texas A&M University.

The number could increase despite Tulane's efforts to lure their students back. In fact, there's even a come back to Tulane video on their Web site.

Most schools gave Katrina students the option of staying for one semester. But Texas A&M is allowing students to stay through the summer semester.

"Which would give them time to not only understand our university and our community but also to make substantial plans," said Reinarz.

But after the summer semester, the warm welcome A&M gave all Katrina students could become a cool shoulder, because they will no longer get special privileges at A&M.

"If they want to stay beyond the original offer, then they will apply as transfer students through the registration process," said Reinarz.

A Tulane spokesman said due to Katrina the university has laid off more than 2,600 employees, including faculty, and cut some programs. But financial impact of final enrollment declines will not be known until the new year.