Curfew Approved in Bryan

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Starting January 2nd, the city of Bryan will have a curfew on kids 16 and younger.

The city council passed the ordinance at Tuesday evening's council meeting. Starting in the new year, juveniles will not be allowed out between the hours of midnight and 5 AM. There are some exceptions, including if the youth is accompanied by a parent, involved in an emergency, or on the sidewalk outside their residence.

"Ultimately, the goal is a reduction in the number of our juvenile victims and our juvenile offenders," said Assistant Chief Freddie Komar with the Bryan Police Department. "That's the bottom line right there."

A first offense under the new law would carry a fine up to $100. The second offense's fine is up to $250, with fines upwards of $500 for any future violations.

The city will reevaluate the ordinance in one year.