Making Food Donations Is Easy With Shelf Talkers

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Some Brazos Valley families are looking forward to big holiday meals with loved ones, but others are wondering where their next meal will come from.

But, it's easy to make a nice meal become a reality because many local grocery stores have shelf talkers. Shelf talkers are red and white tags located next to non-perishable items the Brazos Food Bank needs.

"There's all sorts of stuff that everyone needs, the can goods, vegetables, pasta, pasta sauce. You can really get a whole meal out of this," said James Irick, Appletree Food Store.

With so many options, making a donation to the food bank doesn't have to increase your grocery bill by very much.

"You can even just get a can for 33 cents anything that you can give will help," said Irick.

To make donating food to the less fortunate even easier, some stores like Appletree in Bryan, will deliver your donations to the KBTX Food For Families Food Drive.

"We'll send our representative. The store manager, and someone he chooses, they drive the truck down there we load up all the bags that the customers buy and just deliver them in the parade," said Irick.

But if you're short on time or just can't decide what to buy, for only five or ten dollars, you can purchase a pre-packaged bag. They're already filled with items the food bank needs.