Numerous Candidates File in First Week of Primary Filings

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It was a busy first week of election filings for local offices. In all, 22 candidates filed for the March primaries.

The filings breakdown with 17 Republicans, three Democrats and two Libertarians all making their candidacies official.

Some of the incumbents filing for re-election include Democrat Congressman Chet Edwards, who has refiled for U.S. Congressional District 17.

State Representative Fred Brown has refiled for District 14.

Also filing for re-election are County Judge Randy Sims and Precinct 2 County Commissioner Duane Peters.

The filing deadline is January second.

U.S. Congressional District 17
Chet Edwards-D (i)

State Representative, District 14
Fred Brown-R (i)

Brazos County Judge
Randy Sims-R (i)

County Commissioner, Pct. 2
Karen Hall-L
Duane Peters-R (i)

County Clerk
Karen McQueen-R (i)

District Clerk
Marc Hamlin-R (i)

County Treasurer
Kay Hamilton-R (i)

Justice of the Peace, Pct. 1
Charles Ellis-R (i)

Justice of the Peace, Pct. 2, Place 1
Vera Lara Hooge-R

Justice of the Peace, Pct. 2, Place 2
Ray Truelove-R (i)

Justice of the Peace, Pct. 3
George Boyett-R (i)

Justice of the Peace, Pct. 4
Ramiro Quintero-D (i)
Linda Wilbert-L

Constable, Pct. 1
Archie Clark-R (i)

Constable, Pct. 2
Donald Lampo-R (i)

Constable, Pct. 3
Steve Emert-R
D. Wayne Thompson-R (i)

Constable, Pct. 4
Isaac Butler-D (i)

Judge, 85th District Court
J.D. Langley-R (i)

Judge, County Court at Law #1
Randy Michel-R (i)

Judge, County Court at Law #2
Jim Locke-R (i)