Louisiana's First Distance High School Diploma Given in Bryan

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A big day for Constance as she walked across the stage and received her diploma

"I'm proud of myself, "Constance Harrison said. "My family is proud of me. This is what I've always wanted to accomplish."

Constance evacuated from Louisiana because of Hurricane Katrina and enrolled in Bryan ISD's alternative education program for at risk students. It's there where she finished the one credit she was lacking.

Constance says she didn't let mother nature stand in her way.

"I had to set an example for my nieces and nephews," Constance said. "They went through the hurricane, and I wasn't even there.They were in the storm, so I couldn't let them see me giving up."

An accomplishment, Constance says, her family is very proud of.

"I'm so giddy inside with happiness and joy," Constance's mother Maxine Harrison said. "The fact that she has accomplished this, and as the baby of a family of ten children it’s big. It's like explosive."

Explosive just like the crowds today, and the applause. Explosive is the feeling Constance Harrison is feeling, as the only hurricane evacuee to make this walk in the United States.