Officers on the Lookout for Drunk Drivers

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Festive holiday lights can be seen throughout the Brazos Valley this time of year. But Trooper Ross Bates, with the Department of Public Safety says there are some lights drivers don't want to see.

"They surely don't like to see them (police lights) no they don't," said Trooper Ross Bates, Texas Department of Public Safety.

The number of fatal accidents caused by drinking and driving goes up at least 10 percent every holiday season, a fact Trooper Bates will never forget.

"It was 31 years ago to this date that I lost my little brother to a drunk driver," said Bates.

This holiday season state and local officials are increasing patrols. It's a crackdown to save lives and Bates says, drunk drivers are easy to spot.

"Erratic driving, speeding up, slowing down, swerving, failure to dim headlights at night these things should be noted," said Bates.

Bates was recently honored for issuing the most DWIs in the part Brazos Valley. But even with his expertise, he says law enforcement officials still need help.

"To help us do our job better, the people need to make that phone call. Call 911 and give a good vehicle description, don't just say it's a red Pontiac," said Bates.

Just by making one phone call, Bates says everyday citizens can help save lives.

So remember, if you think you see a drunk driver call 911. If you are the drunk driver, expect to see flashing lights coming for you.