Alleged Andrade Shooter Indicted

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Two down, one to go. That's the status of the Tommy Andrade murder investigation. Now the District Attorney has set its sight on that final one, which could prove to be the trickiest.

With both Chad Davis and Brad Padrick behind bars in connection with the murder of Andrade, the lone remaining suspect is Boris Mogilevich. Thursday, a grand jury indicted Mogilevich for capital murder.

According to Padrick's testimony, Mogilevich was the one who actually pulled the trigger that ended Andrade's life. The problem is Mogilevich is still on the run.

So far, the Atlanta Georgia resident has been able to elude authorities. But a multi-agency, multi-state manhunt continues for the 5-4 suspect known as "Short Fat."

Also awaiting trial, charged with murder is Thomas Parent.