Christmas for Katrina Evacuees

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The holidays are most always a joyous time for families, but some have spent the latter part of 2005 rebuilding their lives, and their homes.

Hurricane Katrina evacuees who've settled in the Brazos Valley won't be home for the holidays, but one woman says despite everything, she still has a reason to celebrate.

This Christmas will be a lot different for hurricane Katrina evacuee, Dolores Blunt.

"This year it's harder, but I'm blessed because I'm alive and I'm here in Bryan, TX with a lot of people who have been very, very, helpful to me and my grandson and my sister and her family," said Dolores.

Dolores was a teacher in New Orleans and was always able to give her grandson, Nigel, all the toys he wanted for Christmas. Hurricane Katrina left her without a job or a house, so that won't be the case this year.

"I don't have toys for my son but we have our life and this is what we're grateful for. Everyday we're able to get up and function and I'm still spending quality time with part of my family," said Dolores.

Nigel says he likes it in Bryan/College Station but doesn't understand why Christmas can't be like it was in New Orleans.

"I miss New Orleans because I want to play with my friends and get presents and bikes and stuff," said Nigel.

Dolores says it's tough not being able to buy gifts this Christmas, but she reminds Nigel of how fortunate they are to be together. Thanks to Project Unity, Dolores has a job with Workforce Solutions and an apartment.

"I'm grateful because a lot of other people didn't make it and I didn't think we were either," said Dolores.