Toy Giveaway

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200 brand new toys were given away to hurricane Katrina evacuees Tuesday morning. It was all thanks to the CBS Early Show, United Way, and Wal-Mart. It put a smile on a lot of kid’s faces.

It was a morning these hurricane Katrina evacuees would never forget. But a morning they could forge' about what they've been through.

"Just imagine if you were starting over from scratch with what's on your back and what's in your car. For us to do just a little bit of what I call normal, where they can go shopping for Christmas and get what they want," said Hank Roraback, President of the United Way of the Brazos Valley.

Dozens of parents and their children went on a Christmas shopping spree thanks to United Way, the CBS Early show and Wal-Mart. Carol Green of New Orleans says the smile on her daughter's face was enough of a present for her.

"It's a good feeling. It's sad to be away from home, but we're glad to be here and to know that there are toys for the kids," said Green.

The families enjoyed breakfast and holiday songs from the Brazos Valley Chorale. Each child got to pick 2 items for themselves, while their parents received a stocking filled with community resource information.

Green says with so much uncertainty in her life right now, she will make the most of her holidays in the Brazos Valley.

"It will be a joyous occasion because we are thankful for being alive and we did make it and so we're happy for that," said Green.

"They're loving it because a lot of the times they were expecting maybe something used or something not so nice, but the toys are great and people are getting to pick things out and wrap them," said Roraback.

While giving them a sense of normalcy, if only for a little while.

You can see more of our local United Way. The agency will be featured on the CBS early show this week.