Bryan Teen Night Out

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After passing a juvenile curfew this month, the city of Bryan has found something productive for teens to do with their time.

Parks and Rec, Neighborhood and Youth Services, and Bryan police collaborated to create a Teen Night Out program.

It will be held Friday and Saturday nights at the Neal Recreation Center. Friday night from 6 to 10 will be for middle school students and Saturday night from 6 to 10 will be for high schoolers. The program starts January 13 and it’s free.

It will offer a variety of activities including sports, a computer lab, arts and crafts teen advice, exercise and a game room.

"It will be a great opportunity for kids to get involved in activities to release that energy they have to be exposed to positive things and it will work for us in reducing and preventing any violence in juvenile crime," said Bryan Police Chief Mike Strope.

For more information, you can call the Neal Recreation Center at 209-5210.