21-Year-Old College Station Man Arrested For Crashing Into Apartment Building

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Frightening moments Friday night in Bryan after police say a College Station man crashed his pickup truck at a high rate of speed into a Bryan apartment complex and flees the scene wearing only his underwear.

The Texas A&M Student is also accused of causing two hit-and-run collisions and also punching a police officer.

Bryan Police say it was a night of mayhem for 21-year-old Austin Hasten.

He's accused of crashing his Dodge Ram Pickup Truck into the West University Gardens Apartments on Villa Maria Road Friday night.

Gregory Hoyt had just walked his dog outside when the pickup came crashing into the other side of his building.

"Where I was standing is covered with concrete you know bricks. Pretty. pretty scary," said Hoyt.

Residents in all eight units were displaced Friday night as crews worked to secure the scene. How this all began is pretty strange too.

Police say Hasten fled the scene from separate hit-and-run accidents in front of Jack in the Box and Shipwreck Grill as he headed west on Villa Maria.

Witnesses tell us the driver was going at a high rate of speed when he came into oncoming traffic , hopped over a berm and then crashed into the building. Now it looks like a bomb went off at the West University Gardens Apartments.

Caleb Kreger saw the crash into the apartment building unfold.

"I didn't believe it. The guy took off running he was wearing I think he was wearing blue jean looking shorts and shirtless. He jumped out and he was gone quick he ran back towards the railroad tracks straight across the middle of this intersection," said Kreger.

Hasten was arrested a short distance away at Wellborn Road and Villa Maria. He's also charged with assaulting a public servant after police say he hit the arresting officer in the face twice, giving him a black eye.

Police say he admitted to using hallucinogenic mushrooms.

20-year-old apartment resident Ishmael Flores was treated and released from St. Joseph Hospital after the truck crashed into his apartment. Neighbors say the family inside had just taken their baby to a sitters for a night.

"Their baby could have been killed too. I saw this television launch 30 feet. You know the whole side of this building exploded," said Hoyt.

Hasten is now out of jail after posting $28,000 bond.

The fire marshal's office tells us residents in three of the apartment units will not be able to be able to move back in at this time but they are being allowed to retrieve belongings. The apartment complex is working on finding them other apartments to live in.

Hasten was arrested for a DWI charge in September of last year.