Easterwood's Advertisement Campaign to Launch in February

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When American looked to move planes to Dallas' Love Field, they set their eye on Easterwood. With passenger numbers lower than other airports, it made sense to pull the flights.

"Unfortunately Easterwood doesn't have one of the higher emplanement levels," John Happ with Easterwood said. "Even though people sometimes say the flights are overcrowded and they're very busy, it really just depends on the time."

Aware of the problem, Easterwood organized an advertisement campaign with Research Valley Partnership, before they even knew about the pull out. Now with the March 2nd pull out date just around the corner, the campaign is even more significant.

"We need to make people realize how convenient it is to fly from here," Happ said. "It's the kind of service we can provide out of Easterwood both to Houston and to Dallas. So as those emplanements increase, the service will increase."

A recent study shows 46 percent of local passengers fly out of Easterwood, the rest travel to Austin or Houston. Easterwood's advertisement campaign urges the larger percentage to fly locally.

In February, the campaign will hit the media, through radio, tv, and print ads.

Happ says they haven't changed the campaign because of the pull out. It still focuses on the convenience and reasonable prices Easterwood says it offers.

Without people flying locally, the airport could lose even more flights.

"Any airport that doesn't have the ridership has potential of losing that service," Happ said.