Major Accident Closes Highway 6

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Traffic is moving again on Highway 6, but drivers Thursday afternoon and evening faced major delays after a multi-car crash. The final tally had four cars involved, with four people sent to hospitals.

College Station Police were first on the scene of the accident, which happened just before 4 PM and took hours to clear.

"You pretty much go out and get everything taken care of as quickly as possible," said Rob Johnson with Bryan Police, who eventually took over command of the scene. "The first thing is to make sure everyone is OK."

According to authorities, in all, four were sent to area hospitals with non-life-threatening injuries, including the driver of the 18-wheeler which flipped into the median, and the front-seat passenger of a heavily-damaged SUV, who was apparently thrown from the vehicle through a back window. Reports had the 24-year-old suffering a fractured skull, but they were said to be in stable condition.

"The injuries weren't as serious as it looks from the accident itself," said Johnson.

But as day turned to night, traffic was backed up for miles. At some points, delays stretched from the south as far as Rock Prairie. Northbound drivers were diverted to the access roads starting at University. Southbound drivers were reduced to one lane at Briarcrest, with both lanes closed at one point as the 18-wheeler was removed from the scene. By 6:30, some three hours after the crash, the cleanup was underway.

"It was pretty bad at first, but we had College Station PD," said Johnson. "We had constables out here, and DPS were all really, really helpful with this accident. It was a joint effort."

The cause of the accident is under investigation, although some witnesses say they saw the SUV try to change lanes and collide with the 18-wheeler.

The 18-wheeler in the accident normally carries salt water, but was empty at the time of the crash.