Shoppers Busy With Last Minute Purchases

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Time is almost up to purchase any last minute gifts. Almost everywhere you look, you'll find packed parking lots and bustling businesses filled with last minute shoppers.

"I'm down to probably the last 10 out of 30," said Jane Urbanosky, last minute shopper.

Most retail stores in the Brazos Valley are prepared for the last minute shopping rush. In fact for the past week, many have had extended hours and added extra staff.

But with little time to spare, those who work in retail stores, like Bobbie Goetz, say the big shopping sprees have yet to begin.

"I don't want to come into the mall and go shopping after work. I just want to come in and out and leave. So I'm already feeling the pressure but their just not going to have Christmas on time this year," said Bobbie Goetz, manager, Lane Bryant.

But Goetz isn't the only one feeling the pressure, she says all shoppers that wait until the last minute to buy gifts seem a little more stressed and tend to make impulse purchases.

"You're pressured to buy something and you have to pick it then you don't have time to think about it whether they like it or not you have to get it because it's the last minute," said Goetz.

But many shoppers will tell you waiting until the last minute is exciting.

"I enjoy the thrill of it all and the lines don't bother me," said Urbanosky.

So if you still have gifts to buy, you're certainly not alone. But the clock is ticking, because on Christmas eve stores will be closing early.