Police to Drivers: Be Aware

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For Bryan PD's Chris Gonzales, the equation is simple: crossing a street plus his car's lights and sirens equal a sometimes dangerous situation.

"Anytime you come to cross streets or intersections, those are taken with great concern for safety," said Gonzales.

Last weekend's collision at a Bryan intersection brought the potential danger to light, and provided the impetus to ask for the public's vigilance when lights and sirens come on.

"First reaction is they slow down, which is good that they're slowing down and notice you," said Gonzales. "They don't always pull to the right or create space.

"They're not often put in that situation," he continued. "It's not completely fair to expect them to have known which direction they should have moved or where we're going."

So while sometimes, being in the way is unavoidable, authorities continue to ask for your cooperation on the highways and byways.

"Be cognizant and aware of your situation," said Gonzales. "Once they do that, often times everybody does the right thing and they move over to the right, slow down and come to a complete stop so we can pass by safely."

Chris Gonzales ended up being dispatched to Highway 6 Thursday, where four vehicles had wrecked, and where all officers arrived safely, just how they like it.

In that accident Sunday involving the Bryan officer and an elderly man, neither driver was seriously injured.