Texas Governor's Race to Heat Up in '06

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Texas faces the possibility of a big-name Republican primary showdown next year.

The March 7 primary for governor likely will pit Comptroller Carole Keeton Strayhorn against incumbent Rick Perry.

He's filed for another term.

Strayhorn is expected to file by the January 2 deadline.

Strayhorn says she's never been the "darling of the insiders" -- but that she runs with the people.

Strayhorn recently denied speculation that she might consider a run as an independent.

Perry says he knows which party he's for and which party he's going to run.

Both GOP camps began shooting insults at each other early in the year.

Strayhorn called Perry a "do-nothin' drugstore cowboy" who hasn't shown leadership on children's issues or school property tax relief.

Perry's campaign questioned Strayhorn's ethics and accused her of using her state office for political gain.

Among Democrats, ex-Houston congressman Chris Bell and former Texas Supreme Court justice Bob Gammage will challenge each other for their party's gubernatorial nomination.

The race's wild card is musician and author Kinky Friedman, who wants to get on the ballot as an independent.