Spring Time in Winter

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That whole "weather outside is frightful" song just isn't too catchy around these parts, even a day after Christmas. All the typical post-holiday hub-bub: just a dream.

A sunny day-dream.

"Sitting in front of the fire, eating good leftovers, still snacking and watching football," is what Toni Staplin said she envisioned herself doing the day after Christmas. "But here we are, December 26th, warm out, 80 degrees, short sleeves."

And golfing, on a picture perfect April afternoon. Mother Nature's calendar wound up on the wrong page this week.

"Actually, I'm out here practicing," said Kay Capps, who also hit the Briarcrest Country Club links. "I thought I'd take advantage of the day, work off some of the holiday food."

That whole rush to the stores and the sales starts in the parking lots. A sweater or two probably got returned on this 70-plus degree day, one which saw some less than seasonal wear. Hardly any man, woman or child could be seen without a short sleeve shirt, shorts, or both.

Of course, the term 'cold' is relative. North Dakotans would think this is sweltering for this time of year. Head south to the Equator, and this is a cool spell.

But they're not expecting snow here in the Brazos Valley on December 26th, although it would be nice for it to be elsewhere besides the living room, watching it on a big screen set with the windows open.

But Monday, we were left with hardly slick pavement for basketball's to bounce on, and hardly icy playgrounds for children to bounce on.

"I think you can do more in the warmer weather," said Virginia Groeminger, who went to the Johnson Elementary School park with a friend to let their kids enjoy the conditions. "But snow in Texas is always fun, too."

Monkeying around in some white drifts would be something new, something definitely worth shouting about. But there weren't too many people complaining about April on a December day.