Some Fireworks Don't Violate Burn Ban

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Burn bans have been in place in counties throughout the Brazos Valley since the summer. But a number of firework stands are open and ready for business, like the Black Cat Fireworks Warehouse in South Brazos County.

Keith Castleberry runs the Black Cat Warehouse in South Brazos County and he's frustrated because many area residents think all aerial fireworks are illegal.

"The thing that hurts us the worse is that misconception about what is permissible, the only thing that is not permissible by law are stick rockets and fin rockets," said Keith Castleberry of Black Cat Fireworks Warehouse.

While County Commissioner Kenny Mallard does say some aerial fireworks are not part of the burn ban, the ones that are illegal shouldn't be on the shelves.

"They're not supposed to be selling the product because it's banned," said Commissioner Kenny Mallard, Brazos County Precinct 3.

Fireworks that violate the burn ban can't be legally sold or even on display. So that means all the fireworks on display are permissible.

Castleberry says all the banned fireworks have been taken out of the store and put into storage. But even the ones that are legal can't be used everywhere.

"Bryan and College Station both have fireworks bans as well as burn bans," said Mallard.

Remember, if you're planning on lighting up the sky for New Year's, keep in mind that the burn ban will prohibit the use of some fireworks, but firework fun is not completely off limits, most shelves are full of fireworks that can still be lit.