Local Organizations Don't Serve Meals on Christmas

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At Thanksgiving, volunteers and community organizations in the Brazos Valley prepare and serve hundreds of turkey dinners for the less fortunate, but Christmas is a different story.

Local organizations that serve meals on Thanksgiving, don't serve meals on Christmas.

Ron Crozier works for Twin City Mission in Bryan, he says they only serve Christmas dinner to their clients living in the shelter. The reason Thanksgiving is open to the public is because volunteers organize the event.

"That is a community wide Thanksgiving feast, the community opens their arms to those who might not have access to a traditional Thanksgiving meal," said Ron Crozier, Twin City Mission.

Some local residents say Christmas is a more important holiday than Thanksgiving and if given the opportunity, they would volunteer.

"I think people would like to volunteers and help on Christmas. It's more of a day to help people than Thanksgiving," said Donna Pierce, local resident.

"It's just because it has never been started, I think if you get it started it would become a family tradition for many families," said Cynthia Denea, local resident.

Crozier says there has been interest in having a Christmas dinner that's open to the community, but it just hasn't happened.

"It's almost a catch 22 when you think about what the community wants to do because they are so supportive of everything we do here and then there's one item out there where there's demonstrated interest and the community wanting to be involved, but that opportunity's not there because we don't do a Christmas meal," said Crozier.

Christmas has come and gone for 2005. But, Crozier says the mission is always looking at different ways to help those less fortunate and if enough community volunteers came forward they would consider having a Christmas dinner next year.