Bryan Police Investigate a Shooting

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24-year-old Alva Agundez was pronounced legally dead by Justice of the Peace Romero Quintero last night at St. Joseph. She was shot in the head Tuesday night in the 1200 block of Beck Street.

A 20-year-old Hispanic male who was shot in the torso remains in critical condition. Police say he is expected to live.

Witnesses say two groups of people met on Beck Street and several shots were fired.

Bryan Police stepped up their presence in that part of town. Patrol units moved through the area Thursday looking for vehicles matching the description of those at the scene of the crime. Also, Bryan's direct deployment team ran around three cars on the streets there to deter any further violence.

Authorities were called back to the scene Thursday as the two sides in the dispute continued verbally sparring with each other. There was no violence, and police took no action against any persons.

Right now investigators have no suspects in the shooting. If you have any information, call Bryan Police at 209-5301 or Crime Stoppers at 775-TIPS.