Fireworks Banned in Brazos County

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The potential threat of wildfires due to drought conditions has prompted Brazos County to put a ban on the sale and use of fireworks.
Brazos County Judge Randy Sims issued the executive order Friday, which is effective immediately and lasts 7 days.
Violators face a class C misdemeanor punishable by up to a $500 fine.

Texas Governor Rick Perry has been urging counties to prohibit fireworks around New Year's.
This week's grass fires have burned nearly 200 homes in Texas and Oklahoma.
They were fueled by severe drought, strong wind gusts and temperatures reaching the low 80s.

Authorities believe the fires were mostly set by people ignoring fire bans and burning trash, shooting fireworks or throwing out cigarettes.
The weather is expected to remain warm, windy and dry in Texas and Oklahoma in the coming days.