2005- A Year in Review

When we hit the streets of Bryan, we had an idea about what some people might remember about this year, and we were pretty much right on target.

"I think the terrific storms that hit the coast impressed me, and I really had a lot of concern about that," Bryan resident Rod Ripple said.

"One of the biggest things we've suffered from is Katrina and Rita that has impacted a lot of people in our area as well as a number of others," Bryan Resident Larry Lightfoot said.

Hurricanes Katrina and Rita swept throughout the United States, both causing massive destruction, evacuations, and memories to last a lifetime. Troops departed to assist with the rescues and rebuilding, but those that didn't go, remained overseas. They were battling a war, that few could forget.

"The war in Iraq is number one and we need to finish the job, and we need to do it the right way and get it behind us," a Bryan resident said.

"We'd like to see the war in Iraq and Afghanistan end as our president is leading us to war," Bryan resident Larry Lightfoot said.

As for local news, even though the hurricane was miles away from here, folks remembered how it impacted the Brazos Valley.

"I got an image in my mind of all the people heading north after Katrina that is something I'd never thought I'd see, "Byran resident Dave Burdett said. "When I couldn't find a loaf of bread or a gallon of gas in Bryan college station because of a hurricane."

Besides the generosity towards the victims of the hurricanes, folks said the growth of the community is close to their mind. As well as an interesting year for Aggie football.

"I think there's just a growth," resident Rod Ripple said. "We're just growing like crazy and home sales are staying above average. We're just pleased to live here."

So as 2005 comes to an end these stories become memories as 2006 has more to come.